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Less memory available on Android 5.0

Level 2
Thought I'd create a new thread to ask rather than ask in the stickied thread.

We submitted our app to Oculus and they came back with a crash on Android 5.0. The crash is the GPU running out of memory.

I checked to see if it crashed on Android 4.4.4 and the game has never and still never seems to crash, it only runs out of memory on Android 5.0.

Before we start reducing textures and everything, do we actually have less memory available with Android 5.0 or is there something else going on?

For reference, I'm using Unity 4.6.1p5 and I flashed my Note 4 with the system image in the stickied post.



Level 15
I've asked about this. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
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Level 5
Thanks for the report!

We've had one other report (in the Lollipop thread) of a developer needing to drop their texture sizes in order to run under Android 5. Can you tell me how large your textures are, how many of them you have, and whether or not you generate mipmaps with them? We don't know of any general loss of texture memory under Android 5, but it's certainly possible that the OS needs more than it did before.

Level 2
I thought we may have been pushing the texture memory a bit on 4.4.4, but we had no issues so we never gave it much thought.

Currently our largest texture is 2048x2048 (we have about 5 in total but no more than than 2 or 3 get used at the same time) and the vast majority (around 50+) are no bigger than 1024x1024. All textures currently have mipmaps enabled on them