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Controllers drift and no support

Hello I have recently acquired a problem with my left controller's analog stick as it is drifting I've unpaired and paired , taken the battery out for a couple minutes and it still don't work. I don't need help from support. I did everything what I f...

Resolved! Câble qui n'est pas détecté

Bonjour, cela fait quelque mois que j'ai l'Oculus Quest 2, mais je n'y avais pas trop touché pour le moment. J'ai récemment acheté Half Life Alyx et avec l'arrivée de F1 22, j'essaye de voir si ça marche, mais le Link ne détecte pas mon pc et le câbl...

Can't add payment method

So I've been trying to purchase a game for the past TWO days without any breaks and it keeps saying The card I'm using is vanilla Master gift card ((I looked it up and it's accepted by oculus)).I tried on the oculus itself AND on the PC;didn't work.i...


Waiting on replacement - 3months

After being an owner of the Rift I decided to move to a Quest 2. Unfortunately after a couple of months it broke - it wouldn't reboot. After contacting support and trying different things, I was ask to return it. Did so, using the courier and details...

Quest 2 not fully charging since 39.0 firmware update

So, I have recently discovered a huge potential problem. I started to notice that my Quest 2 won't charge - even though it would show that it's charging both by LED and the battery icon. After using the Link, I always sit the Quest 2 down and power i...

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