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My quest 2 seems to jump between two points in VR.

When I use my quest 2, every few seconds, it jumps from one place to another. This happens in the VR space, but it is not moving me around as far as my barrier is concerned, and it seems to be the same two points back and forth. I've tried cleaning t...


My controllers have barley worked since I got my oculus 2 I even had to borrow a friends and now they have stopped working completely is there a request form or something

Robo Recall PCVR height issue

The height in the PCVR version of Robo Recall puts me in the floor. See video for details on this problem. Can i get help fixing this issue? Thanks! https://youtube.com/shorts/-ALfEKy5gZI?feature=share

Oculus quest 2 setup without controller

I brought an oculus quest 2 used from eBay. which come without the controller.so I try to set up Oculus quest 2. I download the mobile app and follow the instruction. because I don't have a controller, the initial setup screen did not allow me to pas...

Warranty Replacement?

I sent in my Quest 2 on 2/6. I have been in touch with support frequently since then. Throughout the process they have been vague but somewhat responsive. After 2 and a half weeks of getting the run-around with support (they would tell me the quest w...

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