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Olá, quero fazer meu primeiro simulador de movimento, as peças e como montar já tenho a ideia de fazer a minha dúvida é como fazer ele reconhecer os movimentos do Quest 2Alguém pode me ajudar?obrigado

Oculus Developer Hub 2.1 White Screen on Mac

Hello, I just recently updated the oculus developer hub to version 2.1, and when I went to relaunch the software, it just shows a white screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and rebooted my computer with no success. I just went into the...

Quest2 mirroring launched automatically

Hi all,I developed Architectural Visualization environment in Unreal Engine for the Quest2, and while doing the presentation we use an external tv ( with google chromecast ) so that whoever is doing the environment presentation is able to see what th...

[Hand Tracking] New Oculus Start Button

Hello,With the last update 17, i've noticed that there's now the start button showing within the left hand, like the right hand do with the oculus button.I've also noticed that Waltz of The Wizards use this button to trigger a Menu Settings.My questi...

Switching from sole proprietorship to LLC

I decided to form an LLC before releasing my game. Under financial information in the Org Manager the fields to enter this information are locked. How do I go about updating my organization to be an LLC? (or do I have to form a new one).

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