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Bluetooth 4.0 with Oculus Go

Level 3
Hi Everybody,

I'm working on developing an experience for Oculus Go which will use an external Bluetooth 4.0 Sensor. Is there a way I can pair this with the Oculus Go and access the data? Will I have to write an android plugin? Is it pairable through the app? Please let me know.

Thank You

Level 2
Found this out the hard way, assumed because its Android and has Bluetooth that It would just work?! but cant for the life of me get a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to connect to it, got it working on Mac, iOS and Android, Oculus Go does nothing, any news on something like this working? Seems like it should be an easy fix?

Level 3
Has anyone else had any success in connecting to a Bluetooth LE / Smart device from their Go?

I too assumed this would be as easy as it is on Android, but apparently not.

Level 2
I also have some great ideas that could come to life with general Bluetooth device support on the Go.

Level 2
I tried to connect headphones through the "Bluetooth Pair" of Playmarket. They connect, but there is no sound.

Level 3
Also would like to develop a custom controller and interface via Bluetooth  - How can we escalate this as a feature request?

Level 2
Would love to know the answer to this too! We're looking at custom input into unity app for oculus Go via bluetooth Heart Rate monitor. 

Level 2
Any updates one this... trying to connect BLE, Arduino kit

Level 2
Any further information from Oculus? Anyone have experience with a Unity Asset Store plugin that works with the Oculus Go?

Level 2
I'm also interested in BLE on the oculus go. My intended use case is simple remote control. An app playing 360° videos running on the Go headset should receive commands like play/pause/previous/next from a companion app that runs on a smartphone. Currently,I'm implementing that with a tcp/ws socket over Wifi, but BLE would be more elegant for my setup.

Level 2
will bt dongle work on the Go?