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Different Gear VR app download depending on device

Level 2
We're pushing out an application for the Gear VR which contains a stereo 360 video component.
The resolution and framerate of the video that can be played back depends on the gpu and therefore the device playing it (i.e. the Galaxy S6, S7, S8 or S9)
We would like to optimize the experience for each user, so therefore want to choose higher resolution video for the S8/S9 users than the S6/S7 users.
Is it possible to package an app for the store which gets delivered to the correct device? Or have you got to create content for the lowest common denominator to pass QA on the store?

The video is currently packaged with the app rather than being downloaded/streamed afterwards.n I understand that may be a solution but for best UX we would like to package the app and have the user download in one if poss.

Hope someone out there can help shed some light on this?

We're using Unity btw (though that shouldn't matter)


Level 2
So our hope is to create 2 versions of the app - one with the 'lo-fi' vid for older devices such as the S6/S7 and one with the 'hi-fi' vid for newer devices such as the S8/S9 and so on.