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GearVR Store - 'App closed unexpectedly'

Level 2
Hi all,

Recently put a build up through the alpha channel on the Oculus dashboard. We can all log in, and see it, and download it.

Once downloaded, when trying to run it, the app immediately crashes out with the description 'closed unexpectedly'. When pushing a build directly to the phone, we have no issues. When providing a direct APK to the testers, we have no issues either. Only when launching through the store.

A bit confused as to where to go from here, as Oculus doesn't provide any additional information to work from.

Would really appreciate any insight you might have.

Note: Have deleted / installed the app, and the oculus application several times (for each of us). Trying on S7 & S6.

Thanks in advance,

Level 8
Can you post the logcat associated with one of the devices where it is crashing?