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Go Dev Kit Delivery time.

Level 2
Anyone know how long a Go dev kit takes to be delivered from Shipment date?   has been 5 days so far and need to make sure someone is here to pick it up.  

Doesn't appear in my orders or come with any tracking info. 

Level 4
They sent me a text with the tracking info, overnighted it, but it took 7 weeks from date the order was approved.

Level 2
I’ll give it a week or so then try and contact them.  I have no details at all though. It’s a no-reply email

Level 4
I have not received any notice for delivery yet. Also, the old problem of when I go to ; ( no access, even while I am logged in).  Why is the dev / oculus start forum appear to have totally separate login then the website?  I am guessing that is where all the weird issues are happening re: access to start program info one minute, then no access the next minute.
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