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Grab does not seem to work under any circumstances

Level 2
Hi everyone,

I've been trying for weeks now to get the grab function to work with the Oculus Go. The DistanceGrab scene doesn't work, nor does literally any answer I've found online. Could this be some kind of issue with Unity itself? I'm currently using version 2019.3.12f1; I have also tried on other versions and no luck. I'm at my wits end.

I've tried a variety of custom grabs, literally all of the GitHub downloads, and have settled on OVR Grabber which also doesn't work. I've spent hours on YouTube tutorials as well with no success.

Aside from grabbing, I've got the pointer, custom movement scripts, and instantiation all working perfectly fine with zero issues. I'm lost and would greaaatttttllllyyyy appreciate any assistance.

If anyone has a solution that works every time, or an answer about whether or not it might be an issue with Unity, PLEASE let me know.