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How many Oculus Go and Gear VR users are there out there?

Level 2
In order to validate assumptions around developing mobile applications for multiple users, what are the most recent numbers of Oculus Go and Gear VR users? Both in headsets shipped so far, but probably most importantly in number of monthly unique active users? Otherwise where can I get such data? Thanks!

Level 4
Heh.  Nice try.  Oculus don't share this data.  Not yet anyway. 
We have a monthly Hardware Report for mobile which gives us device usage breakdowns and controller attachment rates for the Gear VR platform, but the Go isn't included in that.  And we also learned at OC5 that on average Go owners use their headsets much more than Gear VR users do. 
About the only other pieces of information we have are that the Gear VR platform had 1 million monthly active users in early 2016 (it could be more than that now, or it could be less), and that the smartphone companion app for the Go has seen over 500 thousand downloads on the Google Play store (iOS downloads may be more or less than that, and it's hard to gauge how accurately such statistics reflect active user numbers anyway*). 
We also know that only around 10% of Gear VR users have ever used a gamepad. 
(*moving forward smartphone app downloads will be an increasingly unreliable indicator of Go user numbers because it now supports the Rift)

Level 2
Thanks for the summary of what is available today.
It's difficult to build a convincing investment story without official numbers though.
Does anyone know if there are revised forecasts?
Thanks again.