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In-App purchase

Level 3

I browsed games and applications on the Gear VR store and didn't find application with in-app purchase.
I also browsed documentation (technical and submission).

Did I miss something, or is there no way to put in-app purchase on Gear VR applications?

Or maybe should I use classical android in-app system? But I don't think that the Gear let Android overlay in VR mode.

Thanks for your answers
-- Benjamin

Level 8

You have to get to the second in-game store. You can purchase special bait there for 99 cents. I think I played for about an hour, hour and a half (?) over several days before it was unlocked.

They did two things that I think are good practices. 1) They used a unique color for the buy button for the IAP (I think it was blue) compared to other purchases made with in-game currency (which I think had a yellow/orange color). 2) They put some text indicating that the user will be taken to Oculus Home to complete the purchase (which is reaaaallly annoying, hope that goes away in the future - imagine getting bumped into the App Store / Google Play every time you bought something in a mobile game, talk about breaking presence...).

I've designed my IAP UI to also do those things.

Level 3

There is a second hick bait shop?! Haha, I think the design of the game is superb.

That's interesting about the IAPs... What does your UI look like? Would love to see what you're working on.

Level 2
Hi - quick question. If we are going to publish our app soon without any IAP's but want to add them in a few months down the line, is that allowed?  Or is it required that if we have IAP's we have them from the start? Thanks!

Level 4
I'm pretty sure you can publish your app without IAP and add then in the future.

Level 5
Reading here looks like the IAP is already working, but I have been trying to find any references of how to implement it on Unreal and I found nothing.
It is working only for Unity?

Level 5
If anyone want to use IAP on Unreal you can download our plugin