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LÖVR, a Lua-based VR engine, now works on Oculus Mobile

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In case this is of interest to anyone: , which is an open source VR game engine that lets you make VR apps as simple Lua scripts, now supports Oculus Mobile (it supported Vive, Rift and WebVR before) and works on the Oculus Go. So this might be a useful third alternative besides Unity and writing your own C.

The instructions for running LÖVR on Oculus Mobile are here:
There is a quick-start test APK that you can sideload, and it will run Lua scripts when you `adb push` them to the headset. The test APK resets on each adb push so fast iteration is possible.

I did the port to Oculus Mobile myself, so if you hit any problems I can help with them. I am still looking for a Gear VR tester.

I am using LÖVR for my own game, it is nice for me as a C programmer because Lovr handles Lua binding, controller management and simple drawing, but since LOVR is a simple engine it is very easy to extend with my own C code (you don't have to write any C at all to use LÖVR, but for me it is nice to have the option).

(Mods, if this post is too "promotional" and you have to remove it I of course understand.)

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Hi @mcc,
I am trying to use LÖVR but there are issues I have outlined at Slack channel.
Just head's up.
I found your app in "My Library".
I forgot how it changed from main screen in previous OS version.
I will keep trying to do what I want but never seen lua so hope it does what I want.

Thanks for doing this and passing it on here.
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i am very interested in lovr. please post twitter links to popular lovr users so i can talk with them. or youtube links for lovr. thank you so much for posting this!
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I thought this was a nice share, thanks!