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Oculus Go Unity development can't move / walk - can't find solution

Level 2
Hi Oculus (GO) developers,

I'm very new to building at all in Unity, let alone for VR. To give you a brief overview; I managed in Unity3D to create a scene (imported .DAE from SketchUp, created a light switch on the wall and build a script that turn on/off the light when pressing E) and am able to move around when playing a scene on my mac (FPSC).

I also managed to load this scene in the Oculus Go (so I switched to the Android building settings). When I use the Oculus Go I can see my scene and look around, but I'm not able to move around. I've found multiple sources online how to make this work (and tried some) BUT these are mostly not working and outdated - besides that every tutorial says something else.

Does one of you have knowledge how to build in Unity3D a way to move around as FPC with the controller for the Oculus GO? I just need to be able to move around (and later to have hands en be able to trigger the light switch, but that is for the next step).

Lemme know if anything is unclear to you, thanks in advance. Quirine