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Oculus Go / online app distribution or offline sideloading / own App in Library with App Icon

Level 3
Hey there together!

I am working myself into building an Go App with Unity, kind of a virtual tour including 360° media, hotspots and a simple navigation. So far everything is working fine, I can sideload via adb or push the app build via Unity on the Go and start the App via unknown sources.

Question 1:
Is there a way to get my own App shown up in the Oculus Go Library with an individual icon? (in unknown sources name only the package name is written...).

Question 2:
How can I get the finished App on a different Go device, without connecting it to a PC and doing developer mode adb transfer etc. ?
The finished App is thought only for one Go device, showcasing that virtual tour and I want to avoid people using it always going to unknown sources menu and pressing on the package name (beside that I want to avoid sideloading the app locally, and there should be the custom App icon in the library).

Thanks for any hint, URL or tip!

Level 3
Ok seems like I can use the App Distributions Release Channel to get the App to the dedicated device via user far as I found out ;-), right? thanks, Seb.

Level 3
Hey Seb, we do it the same way! You can invite Users to multiple channels with different versions of your app on them. The store works perfect for me. The only problem i came across so far is when you pushed your build via unity on the device and than download the same build from the store. This leads to some wierd update bug, where the Go tries to update the app over and over!
Cheers David
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