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Processing Issue consistantly encountered during .apk binary upload.

Level 2
I have successfully validated my build, but upon uploading my file, after about 10 mins of processing, I get the following error

'Processing Issue - Sorry, we encountered a problem while processing the file you uploaded. Please try again later."

Is there something I need to do to resolve this?

Level 2
I have same problem

I would like to know how to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Level 2
Same issue to me, have you figured out how to fix it and what we can do?


Level 2
Still no luck for me.

Level 4
Same. I think it is a server time out as the backend servers seem to be getting hammered with the Rift launch. This has been happening for 3+ weeks.

Reached out to store team to see if they are aware. Will update if I hear anything.

Level 2
Same here… We are not able to upload builds…

Level 3
Same here goes upload goes to 99% then back to 80% in an endless cycle

Level 2
Is there anyone who got this issue work out ?
I got the same issue today...

Level 4
There is now a command line tool for uploading apps to your channel.  If the web site for whatever reason is not ingesting your app build properly, upload it from the command line. It's much faster as well.

You just need to copy your own app ID # and your app secret token # from the developer dashboard web site.
Here's an example to upload a build to the alpha channel.
  • App ID: 10001234
  • App Secret Token: 1234abcd
  • Build Directory: C:\Rabbit Hole
  • Launch File: C:\Rabbit Hole\bin\badrabbits.exe
  • New Version: 1.1
ovr-platform-util upload-rift-build -a 10001234 -s 1234abcd -d "C:\Rabbit Hole" -l "bin\badrabbits.exe" -v 1.1 -c alpha

Level 2

Hi @rogerawong

Still fall in an endless cycle after the "uploading to CDN 5/5" processing, and it shows same error in ovr-platform-util after a while.