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Starting Activity from GearVR

Level 2
I'd like to bring launch an activity (e.g. web browser) and display a "take off your headset message to view the browser" message.

It works (a little jinky) on Note 4 using Unity's Application.OpenURL...

... but not on S6.

Any chance of a fix?

Level 15
I'll ask about this.
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Level 3
Terribly sorry to necro such an old post, but as a new user I am unable to create a new thread and this is of the closest relevance.

We are attempting to launch a web page from inside of a Unity 5.3 GearVR application, and hopefully targeting the 'Samsung Internet for Gear VR' app.

I know of 2 real ways to potentially achieve this, the first being through the Unity API Application.OpenURL with a defined protocol (i.e. @"googlechrome://...") and the second (and more likely) using Android intents.

From what I can see from the app's manifest, there is no exposed parameterized intent that would allow for an interop call to launch that app with a URL, and I have found no information on whether or not a protocol exists.

Does anyone have any information on this subject?

Many thanks in advance, and sorry again about the necro.


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Bumped for curiosity's sake.

Level 3
Does anyone have any new information on how to launch url from inside VR app to any VR browser (i.e samsung internet VR)?

Level 3
any updates on this ?

Level 2
I also need updates on this... anything? 😕