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Submitting apps to the Oculus store - Gear Vr

Level 3
My App finally passed the technical review for the Oculus store, and was then at the 'UNDER_REVIEW' stage in the submission info tab.
I checked back this morning to find a change requested ( not a test failure ) 'This app appears to be running at <30 fps. Can you please optimize it to run at 60 fps at all times? Thanks.'

So what I don't get is how can it pass the techical review but still get this message at a later stage?

bit of technical info:
Using Unity 5.5
V sync turned off
Using TargetFrameRate script - set to 60

Everything is nice and smooth on my S6, and judging by the stats in the Unity editor it never drops anywhere near 30.

Anyone else have similar issues?

Level 4
You can't use the Unity editor stats as a reference, need to use a frame rate script live on the device or the Oculus Remote Monitor. They do test on the Note 4 and lower devices. Also I'm pretty sure even if you 'turn off' V Sync it will automatically be turned back on when pushing out a VR game. which would explain the drop to 30 FPS.

Link to ORM

Level 3
Thanks I'll check out that link..

How does anyone get 60 fps if it automatically switches back to 30fps?

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Vsync causes a framerate drop to approximately 30fps only if your app dips below 60fps. If your app is consistently rendering 60fps or higher, vsync will keep it stable at approximately 60fps.  I say "approximately", because it might be 59.94fps or something like that.

Chris wrote a little bit about the fps requirement earlier this week: