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Not accept my application

Hi, please I need your help. The oculus store does not accept my application and I do not know why.Can you install my app and test and tell me what I need or what is left?Please help me!!Thank you!!Link to donwload apk:https://drive.google.com/uc?exp...

Controls cannot select everything

Huge issue guys. My controller is connected, I can move and select things in the home and play games from that menu, but I can’t use the controller for anything else. I can not select anything from the bar, such as settings, profile, etc. I have rese...

Unreal Engine App Blackscreen on second launch

!! This seems to be a bug in the 4.22 Launcher Build of Epic Games. I build everything up from scratch with the Latest Oculus Branch Version and it works like a charm!Use the Oculus Branch!After a lot of testing it is actually the same problem as des...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VIRTUAL TOUR on Samsung Gear VR

Hello, I'm new and have some questions.- I have 360 rendered panoramic images (Equirectangular or cubic)- I need to show it on Samsung Gear VR (I dont use any type of VR yet) in some Virtual Tour (Like in Virtual Tour Software on PC)What shoud I do?M...

Skipped frames..?

Oculus Go: Version version: environment:Oculus Integration: 1.36Unity Version: Unity 2019.1.0f2 (64-bit) Windows.Build settings as per the 'Tech Note- Unity Settings for Mobile VR - Oculus'. Hi,I'...

Rendering a video on a secure surface

We have used the video rendering example supplied with the Oculus libraries on Unity3d.It works great with any stream that does not require a secure surface - for example a simple URL stream.However, we need to be able to use a secure surface since w...

Entitlement Check: when should it pass?

When should we expect the entitlement check of my Oculus Go app to pass, and not?The documentation makes the following two cases clear:App bought in the store: entitlement check should pass.Non-free store app, copied from legitimate owner's headset t...

Enhancing the Quest

I tried several titles on the Oculus Quest at Oculus Connect and the tracking worked very well, even for physical movement intense games.So i am not worried about the tracking at all and i think a lot of people who are worried about that right now wi...

How can I test/run my app on Gear VR?

Hi,Noob here and I've been spending a day trying to figure out the development workflow for Gear VR app with Unity.I've done this 1. Did all the mobile/device setup, got my osig and everything2. Set my GR VR to debug mode3. Create a scene and put an ...

yanuart by Level 2
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Trouble Creating a Basic VRMenu

For the last week or two I've been going through the examples provided in the ovr mobile sdk and can't seem to get my own VRMenu to display. Is there any tips/tricks that aren't obvious? Or is there any samples/tutorials of only a simple GUI? Any hel...

Oculus Go Microphone input ( Unity )

I'm testing some ideas using the Oculus go Mic. Moving objects by blowing. It's working perfectly on P.C . Blow and the cube rises.On the Oculus go I can hear my voice but then the latency starts getting very bad and I can hear my voices looping back...

Qix by Level 3
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Opening store page in Oculus app from link

Hi,Does anyone know if it's possible to open a store page in the Oculus Android app from a link/website? The idea is a link in an email will lead to the page so it can be installed on the Oculus Go. Linking to the webpage is no problem, but you can o...

Simple (?) Gear VR controller question

Hello!First time posting here or anywhere so if im violating some rules please let me know!I am using a Samsung galaxy note 8 with gear VR programming on the most recent version of Unity.I would like to write a script that would basically determine i...