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Oculus update required...

Hi I am new to gear vr development and i am having an issue where i build my project I get the error "A new version of oculus is required ... ". I am using unity version 5.6.0f3 with oculus utilities 1.14.0, I even tried downgrading to oculus utiliti...

Oculus Go + Bluetooth Keyboard

Has anyone had success pairing a bluetooth keyboard with the Oculus Go? @la_reina seem to confirm that they are supported, but the Oculus app doesn't show pairing options other than gamepads and controllers. I'm hoping they'll be officially supported...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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1:1 rotation using 3DOF controller

Hello,I am trying to implement a 1:1 rotation interaction inside my Oculus Go application. The options that I am considering are to either lock the controller in place and rotate it in one spot or hide the controller altogether (the new Breaking Boun...

Tomires by Level 3
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Resolved! How to capture Oculus Go gameplay for trailer?

I am putting together the submission for my game Demolo and am wondering how to capture VR gameplay for use in the trailer. Can the Oculus Go stream off video, or can I mirror it's input on a connected computer to capture that screen? I'm hoping the ...

Resolved! Oculus go not showing up after adb devices command.

So my oculus go is connected by cord, it clearing changes color to show its charging and ive even managed to make it show up next to my C drive even after entering developer mode. But i cannot get it to show up when i am entering the command adb devi...

yernero by Level 2
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Bluetooth keyboard with gear VR

Hello everyone,I have this project for university and i am using 3ds Max interactive for VR implementation and gear vr for testing. I was just wondering if a keyboard input connected to my Samsung S7 will work as an input so i can move in my scene. D...

Oculus Go USB Input

Hi,I was wondering if the Oculus Go usb port is accessible for apps as an input. I am working on an application and unity and would love to be able to connect a sensor through the usb port. Please let me know if this is possible and how I can access ...

networking/audio-chat library for Oculus Go?

Is there a native/standard/recommended library for doing multiplayer networking, and in particular network audio chat, on Oculus Go?If not, we'll probably go with Photon... but I seem to remember seeing something about an official API for doing voice...