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I can't Go softrware update for 7days T_T

Hello. I'm a beginner in Oculus development. The other day, I was able to build for the first time from unity, but from the second time, there is no change from the display that the software is being updated, and it has not been updated for a week. I...

KAHUA by Level 2
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Upload APK to store channel

Hello community, I have never used this post before so here goes. Does anyone know a great method to upload an APK to the store channel for Oculus GO devices? I want to package my app and distribute to my end user. I have used the OVR Coomand Line to...

Oculus Go Internal Storage Path

Hi, I am trying to direct an app I have installed on the Go to a folder I have placed in the internal storage, but I do not know the path to access the internal storage. I have tried the same one I used previously for Cardboard (storage/emulated/0/my...

NullReferenceException from Oculus package

The Oculus package itself raises this error when I try to run my project:NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectOculusSampleFrameworkUtil.HandlePlayModeState (UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange state) (at Assets/Ocul...

eggyegg by Level 2
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Can we force 72Hz with GO?

I like to use older 360Photos app because of folder handling and no slideshow pause betwenn user changes..This is a must for us.However when i sideload this app to the GO, refresh rate goes back to 60 Hz. I'm sensitive too, but many of my clientsalso...

Resolved! Bluetooth 4.0 with Oculus Go

Hi Everybody,I'm working on developing an experience for Oculus Go which will use an external Bluetooth 4.0 Sensor. Is there a way I can pair this with the Oculus Go and access the data? Will I have to write an android plugin? Is it pairable through ...

Unity Splash Logo Flashes in Right Eye

Unity Splash Logo Flashes in Right Eye when set to Multi Pass in XR Plug-in Manager using Unity 2019.4.4f1, Unity 2019.2.4f1 and Unity 2018.4. The app I've been developing never had this issue until I setup all of the configuration settings to match ...

Oculus GO + Unity : ARM64 Build Issue

I’ve successfully built an ARMv7 project – an architectural walkthrough – installed and run it on the device.Tried doing the same for ARM64 using IL2CPP in Unity 2018.2.1f.There were no apparent build or install issues but the project refused to run ...

RitchJ by Level 2
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Not Working Android Studio Native Samples

Hi, I'm trying to make work any Sample of Native Oculus Go, but it's imposible, anyone has achieved to make it work?There aren't any documentation, and Ithink the one from Oculus is deprecated...a lotCan anyone share a working same in Github for all ...

Oculus Go Build Problem

Testing Application building for the Oculus GO when pressing "Build and Run" and half way through the build I first received this message: "Require API level 26" with three options below "Update Android SDK" or "Use Highest Installed". Choosing "Upda...

Oculus Go Authorization

Hey folks,Hooked my Oculus Go up to my computer tonight to try and start checking my game on it, and was unable to get it to work properly with adb. Keep seeing that the device is unauthorized, and when I check inside my headset to see if I need to a...

GEMISIS by Level 5
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Solution for kiosk mode on Oculus Go

As it is no built-in way to enable kiosk mode for your custom app, I will share my findings to do it via "hacks". I hope, you will share yours too and together we will solve this problem.Make your app start at bootThis is relatively easy, thanks to A...

Spatial Audio in Oculus Go

I'm developing an app for the Oculus Go in Unity and implemented Spatial Audio using the Oculus Integration package and the instructions from Oculus' developers site.Everything worked just fine when I run the app in the Unity editor, but when I built...

Resolved! OVRAvatar android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO

My game's build is now requesting android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO without me wanting to.This issue was solved a while ago in the Oculus Unity Integration by not selecting 'can own microphone' from the OvrAvatar script in the Unity editor, but my app ...