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Resolved! Where is the androidmanifest to gearvr Apk ?

Hii want upload my game to Aplpha chanel but i can't because i try to edit the androidManifest.xml for "android :debuggable in true" And android.intent.category.INFOi edit the androidmanifest with android:debuggable="true" in application and in inte...

Oculus Go Livestream w/mic audio issue

On the Go, audio headphones seem to be required to record both mic and game audio via livestream. Without audio headphones plugged in, only the mic is recorded while the game audio is lost.Gear VR does not require headphones to be plugged in.Does any...

Oculus Go 3rd party gamepads won't reconnect.

Hello,I have successfully connected 3rd party gamepads (5 different kinds) to my Go. After about 5 minutes of inactivity the controllers will sleep. When the controllers are turned back on they will not automatically reconnect to the GO. Any advice?

IT_USC by Level 2
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Moving FPS camera

I want the camera to originally drop from the sky and then move in the direction of gaze when the touchpad is tapped. Can someone tell me how to go about it? Any help would be appreciated.

Implementing DeepLink Announcements

I'm trying to get announcements to work inside our app. I created a draft announcement, but when the app launches it just crashes. I'm not sure if I need to have something specific in the androidmanifest.I've already had in our initial scene the code...

Oculus Go Developer Mode keeps turning off

Or at least the switch in the More Settings screen is displaying that it is off. I'm developing on a Mac and been trying to enable DebugView to test Firebase Analytics integration in realtime unfortunately the Go is never listed by adb devices in ter...

Oculus Go Outdated Software

I received my Oculus Go on Wednesday from Oculus but it seems to have shipped with an ancient software. It has version 1628 loaded on to the headset. It seems to be impossible to update at the moment and because it is out of date, it wont let me try ...

Go Dev Kit Delivery time.

Anyone know how long a Go dev kit takes to be delivered from Shipment date? has been 5 days so far and need to make sure someone is here to pick it up. Doesn't appear in my orders or come with any tracking info.

prowl by Level 2
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Proxy Settings for Wifi Networks on Oculus Go

Hello, For development purposes, it's often useful to configure a proxy server for a device's wifi network to monitor HTTP traffic from client to server. I do not see this option in the Oculus Go application. Am I missing it? As an alternative, I sup...

minimum vrapi use

Hello everybody,This is my first post here, in case my question is ridiculous or redundant my apologies. I want to port my android game to Oculus VR. My IG engine (OpenSceneGraph) can already create proper distorted images so I would like to only use...

GetDown and GetUp broken in unity 2017.4?

Just as the title says, when trying to do anything with GetDown and GetUp on the gear vr controller is giving very inconsistent results.They dont seem to work in an Update function, and using FixedUpdate they work very unreliably (not always firing)....

Disable GearVR Headset Buttons for Custom Install

So the company I work for is designing a VR game designed to be deployed in an amusement park setting. The app will not be deployed on the Oculus store, we will custom install it on the phones. We are using Samsung Galaxy S7's, and we have the abilit...

Anselm by Level 3
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Oculus Go Unity Building

I'm trying to build to my Oculus Go from Unity, but Unity simply can't see any available Android devices even though my Oculus Go is plugged in. Am I missing something?Using Unity 2018.1.0f2, and OVR 1.25.2

[Oculus GO] Existing Gear VR App Porting

So I have a few Gear VR apps in my Oculus build channels that have not been officially released yet. I want to test them out on the Oculus GO.I see the "Developer Feed" and I turned on all developer modes, but when I see the apps in the "Developer Fe...

Resolved! ADB does not recognize OculusGo.

Hello.We will develop applications for OculusGo using Unity.I installed ADB as described on this site. As a result, it became as follows.https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/mobilesdk/latest/concepts/mobile-device-setup-go/Device ManagerMyCompu...

medamap by Level 4
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GO Screen Casting

So we love the GO and would be recommending it to most of our enterprise clients with needs in the mobile category, except for one kind of major problem. There is no second screen or screen casting support. Both Daydream and GearVR have this working,...

How to prevent oculus app from automatic launch?

I'm developing plain mobile app, this app has the feature which show content in VR mode. I want to enjoy it in the oculus VR headset, but when I plug phone in, oculus rift app automatically launches and I can't see my app. The only workaround which I...