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Can I have a laser pointer with teleport?

My project features a gallery with clickable objects on the wall (Spheres, cube) but I need that * when pointing to the floor * the laser pointer behaves like a teleport. Is it possible to have this on Oculus? (I use Oculus Utilities 1.28.0 and Unity...

Enable bluetooth with HC-06 and Oculus Go

I have a old hand car simulator that works fine with GearVR and HC-06 (https://www.facebook.com/zaxistools/photos/a.1188314804559939/1843728502351896/?type=3&theater). I want to run this aplication with Oculus Go, but I can't pair the Oculus Go with ...

Mancha by Level 2
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APK is signed with Signature Scheme V3

Some of you may have encountered this error prompt recently when uploading your APK:ERROR: APK is signed with Signature Scheme V3, which is not yet supported. Please disable signing with Scheme V3 and upload again.Our build upload and scanning proces...

mouse_bear by Oculus Community Manager
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Avatar Specification Request Slowdown

Hey guys,So when loading an avatar from Oculus, OvrAvatar sends off a specification request, gets either assets or asset ids back (not sure which yet), then loads them using ovravatarsdkmanager, stores them in ovravatarsdkmanager's asset cache, and d...

GFX Upload Texture causing jutter

Hey guys,Working with Oculus Go here and I was wondering if anyone in the community has had success in reducing the frame rate hitch upon loading an avatar. It is (partly) caused by a spike in gfx.uploadtexture and I was basically wondering if there'...

Upload apk failed with ovr-platform-util

HI, I want to upload new binary to the STORE channel.The file size is lager than 200M.I use the ovr-platform-util tool,but it failed.I use the agent software to access the website.The tool retun message:A network error occurred. The request will be r...

Entitlement check doesn't work

Hi, I'm trying to publish my app for Gear VR, build in Unity and I have issues with entitlement check. It works well in editor but doesn't in build. This is the code used to test entitlement:using System;using System.Collections;using System.Collecti...

Controller Button Mappings

I could have sworn there was already a thread for this, but couldn't find it anywhere. So, here goes. In my Unity apps I use an input layer that requires me to map from an HID to a set of button mappings, and then the rest of my app just deals with w...

drash by Level 7
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Throttling On Low Battery

Hey guys,So as it would turn out, Oculus automatically throttles an Oculus Go application somewhere around 30% battery level. To be clear, there are no thermal problems, its just an automatic adjustment. I was wondering if there's any way to turn thi...