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Am I the only one who took two days...

Level 5 notice the clear film covering the bottom half of the outside that I could peel off (in a slow, satisfying way)?

Level 16
That's hilarious! I've had my GO since Day 1 and I just now peeled it off after reading your post.

Level 5
It was the little ring around the microphone hole that got me puzzled, then I spotted the tab with the arrow that was basically saying "pull here idiot."

I'll blame the fact that I need reading glasses for close-up vision these days, but I don't need them when using the Go so I've probably never seen it clearly 🙂

Level 16
What's interesting is that I was talking to another forum member through the Oculus Party last night, for about an hour. And I was wearing the GO headset for most of it. He confirmed that my voice was clear.

The plastic covering the mic was there the entire time lol

Level 7
I watched a billion unboxings so knew to take it off. However I have had devices that I took the plastic off the day I was getting rid of it because it was being replaced after owning it for over three years. Just didn't see it!

Level 5
There's a hole cut in the plastic for the mic which is what I first saw as a funny shadow/ring around the mic hole, so as long as it's aligned properly (and some process engineer somewhere is rightfully proud of this) it should work fine, plastic film or not.

Level 3
I only see it now that you mentioned it.

Level 16
I wonder how many Oculus Go users who don't read the forums still have it on. Do you reckon they will catch on at some point or will they always have the film covering firmly in place for as-long as they have the GO..

Level 4
I do this for EVERYTHING. I've kept the plastic on stuff for years saving it for a special day lol. Drives girlfriends crazy 😛

Level 5
just peeled mine off too