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Anyone know if you can "reset" Pet Lab?

Level 5
Wanted to show Pet Lab to people as a demo, but I don't see any way to create a new game or even just reset progress back to the beginning.

Level 2
I wish!
I tried the game, but want to let me daughter play it from the beginning tutorial (since there aren't multiple user accounts). I just want to start over. If I delete the game and redownload it, it still won't restart

Level 5
I have to admit, this is the main reason I haven't tried this game yet.  I am generally a slow started and like to restart games after I have figured things out.  I also like to show off the games to other people, which works well if you can have multiple slots and/or restart...  Hoping they add it...

Level 2
Yes! You can reset this game. Once you purchase the Guild License there is an option to reset the game.