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Arrrrrrrrgh - Help - Oculus App update required

Level 2
Why when I try to use some software it tells me that Oculus App needs updating and yet I cant update it

- Trying to use Melody VR.

Any help much appreciated.

Level 2
i am having the same issue. its a dev kit that finally arrived last week and has been really difficult to set up.  it keeps crashing and has to be set up every time i try and use it.  Finally seemed to be stable enough to download some apps but now that ive done so after loading one of the apps the headset is frozen at oculus update required page and home page and shutdown page all at the same time 🙂

Level 2

Are these retail Go units you purchased or early developer versions you have have gotten from Oculus? I ask because some of the non-retail units may have odd issues and we will need to get you the update manually.

Same here.  Dont think it’s a retail version. Had stickers all over it. 

I’ve got a ticket about it but no response yet. 

Level 15
For dev units, you'll need a manual update. Please reach out for assistance.
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Level 3
If anyone is still running into this, I found that my developer unit updated it self to the latest software after I did a factory reset and paired it with a fresh Oculus account.

Level 3
i was running into the same issue, i think its caused due to the upload failing to install on the oculus when from the app it thinks it installs upon first setup, i don't know if this makes any sense, and a factory reset + shutdown so the updates actually install solved it for me. Cheers.