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Defective Go Units

Level 3
I have had to return two Oculus Go headsets due to overheating and other issues. The first return was hassle free with a replacement being sent as soon as I shipped first defective unit back.
Upon receiving replacement, it too was defective. It is now going on two weeks since they have received the second unit back and I am still without a headset. This is complete bullshit. Replacing defective units with refurbished units is no way to take care of customers. Hope I get the merchandise I paid for back, who knows. So disappointed in this whole ordeal.

Level 5
The go overheats. It just does.

Level 3
My issue is more with them holding my headset hostage for whatever reason. I at least would like it returned, don't think that's asking too much. Warranty still sucks, replacing defective units with refurbished, shady tactics. Both headsets had other issues besides overheating...