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Free upgrade no longer available

Level 2
Just saw the new trailer for the oculus quest two and am very excited, only to find out that if I want to use the apps and games that I've bought on the go I would have to pay the full price again. 
Does not seem right as its on the same oculus platform. Quite disappointed now. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The really annoying thing is they would (to some degree) technically work on the Quest, if Oculus allowed it.
My students were making Go games, I took their apk builds and installed on my Quest, the games (which were designed for 3DOF head and single controller) worked. Of course it broke the gameplay a little when the game was about blocking projectiles and I could just walk out of the arena and not get hit. 🙂

The Unity SDK for the Go and Quest is the same. It always returns controllers and headset as 6DOF, just that the Go fixed the positions to 0,0,0.
It's potentially 2 lines of code to stop movement confusing a Go game running on a Quest.

Sadly commercial Go games would do the copy protection check to make sure you own them, and if they were run on a Quest it would check the wrong store, so they'd fail.

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Level 2
Its like buying a new pc, just to find out that you need to buy all the software and games all over again. Heartbreaking!