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Games and apps not installing

Level 2
i recently bought a game and its not installing it!
it starts but sudeenly stops installing it.
in oculus screen appears oculus logi and name of the game/app but it still in "not installed apps"
please help!!!

Level 2
I also purchased Republique VR 3 times $29.97. My samsung s8 us brand new and has plenty of space, I tried downloading 6 times and wasted about 8BG of data but the downloads always fails at 600mb in all attempts. I am really frustrated and pissed off.

Level 2
I tried download over 10 times,  wasted about 15GB of data,  purchased the game 4 times, factory setted phone,  reinstalled Oculus home,  cleared all caches, have 52GB internal memory with 3GB of ram. Tried different wifi and used different networks,  I have a brand new Samsung S8. I done it all , so what can the issue be? All other games downloads and installs fine , but this Republique VR is  the problem. 

Level 16
I've raised this with the team, but feel free to submit a ticket as well. Thanks.
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