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How can i remove a Go from my account/Oculus App?

Level 5
This is a copy from a thread i opened on Reddit(link below), but i also wanted to ask it here.

Hi everyone 🙂

I had a broken Go and got a new replacement and send back the defective unit. The thing is...the old Go is still there in my account and i just cannot see a function to remove it. 

Did i miss something?

What happens when they refurbish the defective Go(the display had dead pixels) and someone else registers this unit on their account? Are they even able to register that Go?

Link to Reddit:


Level 3
I'm having the same problem with one exception........ I lost all my apps and games also, the Library is empty?? but only on my goggles. My phone app has it all as does my pc.. Good luck let me know what you find out.
Michael Conger aka WildWilley