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I have had 2 go's and both have overheated when using for about a hour and half.

Level 2
I think the Gos have a thermal problem. The first one I returned for the one I have now and it does the same thing. They both have  sometimes froze up  and have to be rebooted occasionally. I still like the head set, I wonder if a light weight heat sink could help. 

Level 16
Oculus Go should not overheat under normal use. Is your house or area very hot? That could have an effect. Or if you charge it while in use (you shouldn't do this). The face-plate on Go is a heat-sink, you shouldn't need anything extra.
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Level 3
1,5 hours watching youtube 4k 360 with an indoor temperature of 26 degrees i can confirm this. I must agree that the face-plate should be enough, because 1,5h in 4k is a bit extreme.

The thermal warning for overheating kicked in so that worked as expected.

Level 3
FWIW, I've only gotten the overheating message twice.

Once when I plugged it into the wall charger when I was running out of battery during a long Catan game. (I since switched to using a power bank during Catan games that are longer than the internal battery life, and that seems to keep it from happening.)

Once when I put it to sleep & on the wall charger without exiting the current app. When I picked it back up later, it was complaining about over-heating. Because the thing wakes up so when you're covering the lenses. So now I always make sure that I leave the current app and—after covering the lenses—tap the power button again if I hear it wake up & make sure I hear it go back to sleep.

So, the overheating you're seeing certainly doesn't seem to be endemic.