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I want to queue up video for a disabled user, but video stops in headset exchange

Level 2
How can I make this happen for user who can't use controller?

Level 3
Just put a piece of tape over the censor (the shinny glass square that's between the eyes inside the facemask). That is the sensor that can tell when you take the oculus off. The video will keep playing (after you start the video) when you take it off because it thinks a person still has it on...If you want you can can watch what the other person is seeing if you "cast" it to your phone or tablet (that you set it up with) if you go to the top right inside the Oculus app and tap the tiny icon of a mask. It will ask you something like "cast from where" and if you have your phone or tablet connected to it by Bluetooth just tape on "your Oculus" and then it will ask "cast to what" and you click "this phone/tablet"...

I hope I explained all that ok....and I hope that works for you. And from a paraplegic, thank you for sharing your Oculus with a disabled peson!!   

Level 4
Pigasus player has some advanced options that you can read about here under "I use Pigasus for running demos. Can I change Pigasus' internal behaviour to suit my demo needs?":

Basically you can copy a configuration file to the OGO that sets behavior such as "auto-pause when headset is removed" and "auto-play when headset is put on". It's great, I use it for showing VR180 videos and photos to other people without having to give them the controller and instruct them what to do.