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Is it possible to just buy a replacement screen?

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My Go is over a year old now so I guess with these American Items it won't be covered by warranty? However I'm noticing dead pixels on the screen and it's really distracting in VR, it started with a lite row of two or three up at the top, but it wasn't noticeable too much. Now however I have another row of three or four to the right, but I find myself constantly seeing them. I just need to get the screen replaced....


Level 15
Maybe have a look at this YT Go teardown vid to help see what you would need to do to access the screen.

Looks pretty hard to me.

Maybe just contact Oculus support and see if they can help you out.  Who knows, maybe they will send you a replacement headset, or at least offer you a refurbished one at a discount price.
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I'm guessing I'd have to get a new one, I don't use it enough really to justify the price for it... just using it as my 360 video headset for my camera.

Always have this problem with LCD, never had a Dead Pixel with OLED. 

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Volunteer Moderator

Always have this problem with LCD, never had a Dead Pixel with OLED. 

My Quest (OLED) has a dead pixel.

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They will offer to look into it however, they will inform you that they do not offer screen replacements. They will just politely tell you to buy a new unit.