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(Lenovo Mirage) VR180 Picture and Video Content Links for the Go. Please add your own

Level 5
Please add your own VR180 content links to this discussion. 

I'm posting pictures and video that I took at the 2018 East Coast Rep Rap Festival with a Lenovo Mirage VR180 Camera here:
and here:

These images are hosted on Google Photos. You can download individual images using the browser and view them in the Oculus Gallery app. Or download all of the files as a compressed zip file to your PC. Then, after uncompressing, copy them to your Oculus Go headset over a USB connection.
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Murray Foster

Level 3
Thanks, it's too bad Google Photos doesn't have a WebVR mode yet !

Level 3
Got a chance to look at them with the GO, pretty nice, I'm having some "focusing" issues at times though, probably because the subject was too close in some cases but also in some specific areas of the pictures, odd. Would love to see more samples, maybe outdoors ? Thanks!

Level 3
After resurrecting my 3D1 I'm not convinced I need the Mirage, hehe...does anyone have more samples to share ? Thanks !