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Oculus Go App refund

Level 5
I am not sure if Oculus are deliberately trying to make the GO App refund process as obscure as possible... but it is... and it really needs addressing.

 I recently purchase an app and after 5 mins it was clear that it didn't work that well on the Go controller (and really needs a gamepad). Not wanting to splash out the extra for a game pad I opted for refund... well I would if only I could figure out how to do it.

 No options or info on the Go itself (sure I can spend all the money I want, but the facility to refund seems bizarely missing... or any instructions either, strange that)
 No options on my web account (seriously, even though it shows my GO purchase history?)
 No real instructions from a google search.
 However, I did find the refund policy that indicates that Oculus support can help.

 Soooo, I sent a message to Oculus support (giving them all the details required for a refund)

 They replied just to tell me that you have to do it on the PHONE APP
.... you mean that thing that I used for 30 seconds to setup the GO initially and instantly forgot about it there after? Did I miss the memo where it told me that my phone app was now the place where I can only do certain account functions???

 So finally, off I go to request refund....
      However, by the time I got he instructions from oculus support more than 3 days had passed... and you guessed it, you can't request a refund past 3 days (you need to go to oculus support)!!

 So I am now back at oculus support saying "You know when I sent you the previous request and didn't look into it what so ever and just gave me an smart ass reply... well I have just been bounced back to you! So would you mind awfully looking at the actual issue... and while you are at it, how about making the process clearer in the first place?"

For anyone else wanting a Oculus Go refund, the instructions are here....


Level 5
Yeah, you should be able to request a refund from the headset.

Level 5
Great update...
Despite telling Oculus of my delays in finding the automated proceedure... and pointing out that the proceedure also says that oculus support can offer refunds (after 3 days), they just send me this....

Thank you for getting back to us.

Allow me to make the automated refund process for the Oculus Go more clear for you.

You must request the refund within 3 days of purchase and must have less than 30 minutes of play time in the game.

you do not request the refund within 3 days of purchase and/or have
more than 30 minutes of game time, you will not be eligible for an
automated refund.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kindest regards,

Oculus Support

What do I have to do to get someone in Support to actually look into the issue I am contacting them, about?

Level 16
I just tried the game. Yeah, it's a little tough to play on the Go controller. Let me speak with the team about your refund request. Thanks.
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