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Oculus Go Gallery Suggestions

Level 3
Dear developers,

first let me thank you for providing us with the free Oculus Gallery app on Oculus Go.

Since I am using the Lenovo VR180 camera, I am using it frequently. However, there are certain things that make the usage less than ideal which could hopefully be addressed in future releases.

1. In a scenario where I copy about 100 VR180 images from my PC to Oculus Go and when looking at them in Oculus Gallery, not all images are found right away. For example, if I start taking the first image and go fullscreen in it. From there on, I only swipe in full screen mode to the next image. It will stop after about 30 images and the user thinks that this must have been all images. However, when going back into the gallery preview and swiping to the right there, it will continue loading new images, which afterwards will be available in fullscreen mode. This is very confusing.

2. The images displayed in Oculus Gallery seem to be unsorted. They are neither sorted by file name nor by date. In the case of the Lenovo VR180 images with file names like 20180829-231341542.vr.jpg, both methods would work well. Without sorting, I cannot see images in order and after browsing through 15 images, I might see another one which was taken earlier and so on. 

3. Loading the images for preview in Oculus Gallery seems to be not only limited to a certain amount as described in 1., but also takes a pretty long time. The PC image viewer ACDSee handles image previews much better by saving a small thumbnail of the image in a data base which later allows to quickly show it without loading the full jpg image. If disk space for the data base is a concern, it could be limited to clean itself up if specific thumbnails haven't been loaded for 3 month or so.

4. In several instances after using Oculus Gallery for a longer time it crashed. Or it refused to open images. Rebooting Oculus Go solved the problem. Maybe there is a memory leak in either that app or other background services.

5. One of the options for viewing stereo images that I found missing was the display of stereoscopic images which are not 180 degrees. A longer time ago, I was shooting such photos with a Canon DSLR and the Loreo stereo lenses. Another image viewer provided displaying those images in the full version, but it might be nice to offer such capabilities into Oculus Gallery as well.

6. For video playback, it would be nice to be able to modify the display speed to 1/2 or 1/4. Often a single paused frame in stereoscopic VR 180 videos is great to enjoy. At lower playback speed, it would be easier to stop at a certain frame. It would also be great to have some option to just forward a single frame like in the PC Version of VLC player (pressing "e"). 

7. Not really related to only Oculus Gallery, but it is annoying that when I connect my Go with the PC, that I always have to confirm in Go, that data access is allowed. It would be great to set this as "Always OK for this device" to make copying files faster.

8. Bringing the data from the Lenovo Camera to Oculus Go currently takes the following steps:
* copy from camera to PC
* copy from PC to Oculus Go

I tried using Dropbox on the PC and putting the files there, then having them synced with Dropbox on Oculus Go. However, then images seem not to be recognized as correct stereoscopic .vr.jpg files.

9. It would be nice if the Gallery preview would not only show 4-5 images in one line, but also use the vertical space to show more thumbnails.