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Oculus Go - High Data Usage

Level 2

Hi All,


For my business I try to set up a local session with multiple Oculus Go's (between 5-15), for multiple sessions a day. During such a session, the Go's are required to have an internet connection which is done with a Mobile WiFi router (using a SIM-card). However the data usage of the Go's (even in standby-mode) is so high, that after half an hour of use with 5 Go's, they used up more than 1 GB of data. This could ramp up to over 5/6 GB's of data in a single afternoon, while our own app uses only 10 MB max. per session.


Has anybody encountered this problem as well, and have you found a solution? 


I've also used a sniffer app on the Go to find out to which servers the data traffic goes is going to, which seems to be only Facebook and Oculus servers. Might it be possible to block these domains?


Kind regards and I'd love to hear from you.