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Oculus Go app cannot connect WiFi but the headset connect the WiFi and updating so long....?

Level 3
i have same problem with my iPhone X  and OPPO r9,why my go cannot connect WiFi but the headset says WiFi-connected but is updating for several hours。

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Reboot the Go would be my first attempt to fix it.

Level 2
Hey, my GO is stuck on the "Enter Wi-Fi Password" screen in the app for a very long time now.
There is a blue light flashing on the Oculus Go.
I tried switching on the Oculus and the when putting the headset on it says I should take off the headset because it's updating and I should follow instructions in the app.
I am royally stuck! 
The above answer is not helpful! How do you "reset" the Go? 

Level 3
i resolved this problem by my taiwan college cellphoe hotspot. 
if oculus team can upgrage the wifi setting with L2TP ,that is very great for Chinese users expereince