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Oculus go factory reset stuck on black screen orange light blinking

Level 2

Hi I purchased a second hand oculus go yesterday and followed oculus’s website instructions to factory reset the oculus go so I could remove the old account because up on starting the Go up I realised it was using the old owner's account so in order to pair it with my phone app I did the factory reset to remove the oculus account and use my own.


I did the factory reset from the device holding the power and volume (-) button on the headset down simultaneously. But after a couple of seconds the Go just died and now the screen is totally black with a blinking orange light and a flashing green light


The Go was 100% charged before making the factory reset.



I have done all the available options such as hold power button for 30secs / hold power and - volume for 30seconds and non of it works.


I have tried different cables and they are all recognised as the flashing turns from green to orange so its not a cable issue


I see this is a huge problem for oculus go when factory resetting the oculus please can you provide me a fix.


The oculus serial id is - 1KWPH801HZ8195


Level 2

My ticket number is - 4316312