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Oculus rooms with strangers

Level 4
Don't have any friends that have the GO so can't really enjoy the movie or game rooms since it appears they have to be on your FB friends list.
(Am I understanding this right?)
Is there a way to join an existing room where movies or games are being played with someone who is not a FB friend?


Level 3
I'm not sure about Oculus Rooms, but I'd recommend checking out BigscreenVR which I believe supports Oculus GO. It allows you to join multiperson rooms and share desktops. There are many different spaces, for example a large movie theater. There are public rooms that you can join. I've noticed that the player count varies though, so sometimes there just aren't very many people. Still though, the app is very good.

Level 4
I found Bigscreen to be glitchy on my business internet: recommend ALTspace VR [make sure you wear headphones; I met and talked one on one with Drew Carrey at this place] 

Level 5
I like AltspaceVR too. The people on Altspace are better than the ones on Bigscreen. Who knows what will happen if the unwashed masses invade though.

Level 3
Unwashed masses? Barbarians are not already at the gate? There is no safe space. Internet has always been and will continue to be full of unwashed masses. There's usually a mute button though.

Level 4
Great info..... on my way to check out AltspaceVR.
I was using the internet back in the early 80's. Had a 300 baud modem I had to use for dialup.
So few people but all pioneers and you would meet really cool people ALL the time.
The before I knew it the whole internet exploded and things changed rapidly.