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Region Change After Initial Setup?... (Some apps content lock)

Level 3
Hi... I see that some apps are limited to region block, music ones more than most.  Wondering if Region can be changed again?.. I don't see it in the settings nor in the phone app settings either... pls help!. 

FYI: I can use 2 regions without a problem because my country is in between both "compatible": USA & Caribbean.  

Level 3

Did you figure it out?

Level 2

I'm also waiting to hear a reply on this problem.  I bought my Quest 2 in Texas, but setup the device in Costa Rica as I am on an extended stay here.  Now "Region" is locked and some content is blocked due to this.  

I can't find the "home location" setting, nor whatever 'route options" is either... I think it must be tied to this Region lock.