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Since last update Oculus Browser isnt working

Level 2

Good Day Everyone

I havent seen a new post here about this topic but ive seen the terrible reviews about the oculus browser in the app store with the same problem.

My problem is following.
Sine the last update its no longer possible to watch any VR content in the oculus browser. I always receive the message "has crashed". The weird problem is following youtube vr still works, on firefox reality it works i also downloaded a vr clip and even this one works wihtout any issues, so im sure the problem isnt my headest. It has to be the browser.
Ive also seen that there were a lot of terrible reviews from the recent period for the oculus browser with the same problem as i have so im sure there have to be more people with the same issue.

What ive done so far.
I restarded it multiple times, i reseted it also multiple times but the problem isnt solved. The same message appears.
My question is now is there a chance to download an older version of the browser? Like the version before the newest update?

Thanks in advance

Wish a great day


Level 4

Join the club! 

Maybe you can work some mojo with customer support, but as of this moment it appears they've unintentionally (or otherwise) bricked our beloved Go.

Level 4

I vote for the "otherwiseoption!  Their Support personnel are just paying us lip-service.  The problem is now 30 days old. Their coders are not smart enough to test and find someting amiss? Come on Oculus, just make the announcement you're bricking all Go's and stop play games!