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What to expect

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Hi folks,

I'm thinking about buying an Oculus Go. 

What I'm looking for is:

-using it mostly for watching movies and experience experiences (that sounded weird) like Face your fears.
-a sense of being there aka depth.

What are the pros and cons for a VR newbie like me?



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Volunteer Moderator
Welcome to the forum!

  • No need for a powerful computer
  • One of the best (clarity and image-wise) experiences out there (well maybe VIVE pro has a better resolution, but that costs a pretty penny)
  • Great for watching movies
  • Easy setup, provided you have a compatible phone
  • You basically have a handheld gaming console strapped to your face and in 3D!
  • No wires! Just slap it on your noggin and go! ... on a couch! yes, on a bed? Hell yeah, on the toilet? WHY NOT?!!
  • Pretty decent integrated sound (you can plug in your own headphones)

  • Not "full" VR, your head is tracked, in terms of rotation, tilt 360 viewing .. but not in space, meaning you cant walk around 
  • It's not a 4K television, so don't expect the image to be 4K
  • It has Wii quality graphics as it's not a powerful computer
  • Battery life is around 2-3 hours depending on usage

All in all, GO is a perfect stepping stone into the world of VR, I have the Rift, and GO, and I find myself using GO a lot more often than I thought I would, playing games in bed is very relaxing.

Immersion is great, although not comparable to the immersion of Rift or the Vive .. as your position within the room is not tracked. You also have no "hand presence" as the controller is only tracked in 3 degrees ... unlike the Touch for the Rift which adds immersion.

Immersion is such a subjective word when it comes to VR, for some people immersion is just seeing everything in 3D and 360 degrees with positional sound, for others it's "room scale" where they can walk around the room, and for others having hand presence is key, so it's hard to tell if you will feel "immersion" it's all about expectations.

If you have never tried VR, this will be a great experience in my opinion and a great gateway drug 🙂

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I'd suggest finding a store where you can try it out, even briefly, to get some idea of what the experience is like. I think a lot of people who have never tried VR can be disappointed in the initial experience (it definitely improves as you get used to it though). Some people will love it, but if you get your expectations set up front then you'll be happier with your purchase.

You definitely get a feeling of space and presence. Different experiences are better or worse in terms of resolution, frame-rate, chromatic aberration, etc. And for $200 it's pretty amazing in my opinion even if it's perhaps more like "VHS" quality than modern HD.

For someone who is interested in VR, I have no hesitation about recommending the Go as the best way to start.

Level 3
Well, bit the bullet and ordered one, it should arrive soon :smile: