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Why Ocean Rift not available anymore for Go?

Level 2

Is Ocean Rift no longer supported for the Oculus Go?


I remember that I put it on my wishlist end of 2021 or so. Now I wanted to purchase it but now it states for "supported input" Oculus Touch. 

No Oculus Go controller is supported anymore and a warning message pops up when I click the purchase button. Seems it can be only enjoyed by Quest Users? Why? So disappointed...


Level 15

I tried this on my Go a couple of years ago and trust me, you are not missing anything.  Really not any better on Quest as well imho.  I ended up getting a refund back from both stores.  Many unsupported and poor apps seem to be slowly weeded out from many of the Oculus stores.  Some titles like Natures Trek VR are pretty good from the Rift Store but are terrible on the Quest/Go stores.  For PCVR the Rift and Steam store version of The Blue is very nice, and many times better than Ocean Rift imho.

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