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Why does the Oculus Go power back on during charging? (It's super annoying!)

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When I'm done using my Go, I press the physical power button until the on-screen power options appear, and then I pick the option to shut down/power off. Next, I remove the headset and plug the unit in to charge. (I do things in this order because the charging cable is rather short, and it's cumbersome to do this while the unit is plugged in. Also I don't want to have to remove the headset, plug the thing in, and then replace the headset to turn it off.)

I have discovered that at some point during the charging process, the Go always powers itself back on, requiring me to put the damn thing back on and go through the power-down procedure again before I store the device. Why is this happening, and how do I prevent it?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
You can just long press the power button on the GO (10 seconds or so), it will shut down and you can safely store it. No need to put it back on your head to shut it down.
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