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Getting a second Oculus Go to play with my wife.

HiI am new to Oculus go as well as this forum. Might sound like a stupid question but I have bought a second Oculus Go in hopes of enjoying apps like Wander etc. together with my wife of 40 years. I don't know if this is possible but it would be grea...

Daubbie by Level 2
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Replacement oculus go controllers

Hi, I think I know the answer, but worth asking. I have a headset without a controller (controller lost), is there anyway I can do a factory reset setup without the controller and use the headset. Also, are there any 3rd party controllers I can use t...

Resolved! Oculus Go not pairing with phone anymore

I bought my Oculus Go back in 2018 and been using it for sometime now. Suddenly today when I turned it on, it was stuck with showing the 3 dots. I did a factory reset on the headset. Uninstalled and reinstalled the oculus app on my phone, I restarted...

Oculus Go Controller not working

I have not used my Oculus Go in several months and went to use it for a project. I put a new battery in the controller and charged the headset. I turned on the headset and it was not recognizing the controller. I tried several times to re-pair the co...

Removing a headset from my iOS Oculus App

I had initially purchased a 64gb Oculus go and found that it was too much space for me, after I used it for a day, or so. I did a factory reset and took the headset back to Best Buy and the next day picked up a 32gb model which I am happy with. I can...

Internet connection?

I just used my go again after a year and a half. Netflix, browser, You tube work fine. Everything else says no internet connection including the app store. Phone says connected. I see no place to update. Is this because I don't have a Facebook accoun...

A GO as a gift that won't GO.

Hello!My s-in-law gave me her husbands 64 bit GO after he passed away. She cant find password, pin, or even password to his e-mail. She has since moved and of course has new internet service. I don't even know if he used FB or had an Oculus account. ...

Problema para vincular Visor

Restauré de fábrica el oculus go, ya que estaba con la cuenta del dueño anterior. Me bajé la app a mi celular, sigo las instrucciones de vinculación, reconoce el dispositivo pero no lo vincula. Tengo el bluetooth activado, desinstalé y volví a instal...

Brenv88 by Level 2
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Oculus go won't power on or charge

No lights or anything. Try holding the power and volume and still nothing . Is there any known fix. Meta will not back their product And I can't get it repaired . Please help

wbang by Level 2
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Syncing Multiple headsets to play video

Hi! I work for a anti-trafficking non-profit and am interested in having 10-20 headsets play one 360 video all at the same time with little room for user error for a special event.In other words, if guests could put the headset on and one point-perso...

Controller won’t light up or power on

Hi, we have a brand new battery in the controller. The old battery was removed and the terminals are clean. the controller won’t turn on and the LED light won’t light up. Please can you help?

Just bought oculus go can’t pair with phone.

just bought the go. Can’t connect it to my iPhone. Tried multiple WiFi networks, going close to router opening and closing bluetooth,etc etc. when I go through setup it says unable to find your headset. Wasted so much time on this please Help!!!!

Oculus go error

Hello, I have an oculus go and it has worked well for me so far. I went to start the oculus and I get 3 buttons blinking on the screen but beyond that it doesn't do anything else. What's going on? Any solution? Thank you

Teacher needs help with 30 Go's

I wonder if anyone here can help me. I am a high school teacher who just inherited a full class set of oculus go's. ( new not used ) I have a Quest 2 myself and am able to sideload to that no problem. I can't seem to get the Go to do anything with th...

klicks7 by Level 2
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Using virtual tours with Oculus Go - question

Hello. I have received Oculus Go for work purposes, and I need to somehow use this device to view 3D virtual tours of several estates.I create virtual tours based on 360 photos using 3D Vista or Pano2Vr, but I have no idea how to upload/open them usi...

MBVA by Level 2
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Not working

Turn on my oculus I get three flashing white dots what is going on please find a solution

cb7217 by Level 2
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No puedo comprar nada de la store de oculus

No puedo comprar ni con mi tarjeta visa ni con mi cuenta paypal ya eh comprado antes con mis tarjetas en otras store como steam sin ningún problema solo tengo problemas con la de oculus solo me deja descargar los juego free alguien sabe como resolver...

DANUKEM by Level 2
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HTML file

Hello everyone, i would like to ask about hTML file, i have my virtual tour that using html file, can i opened in GO?and i download the "firefox reality" to view my virtual tour, but before that i transfer the file into the oculus and then when i see...

Oculus go Controller (lost)

I lost my oculus go controller, and I found out only recently that the oculus go vr headset is disconnected.I tried buying other controllers (Xbox and others) but they don’t work. Buying another Go headset seem the only solution but very expensive.an...

Why Ocean Rift not available anymore for Go?

Is Ocean Rift no longer supported for the Oculus Go? I remember that I put it on my wishlist end of 2021 or so. Now I wanted to purchase it but now it states for "supported input" Oculus Touch. No Oculus Go controller is supported anymore and a warni...

Oculus Go Not Working

So I’ve read around the block on my issue. Basically my Oculus Go doesn’t initiate anything unless I put it on a charger. Once on a charger or even in-line with my PC I can press and hold the power button where the oculus logo shows up for a few seco...

V0hn by Level 2
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Hi I have Oculus go and quest 2. My go hasn't been used for a long while. Thought I would give it a charge and use it again. I miss some games/apps that aren't on quest . No lights when plugged in, tried several chargers but nothing. Does this mean ...