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Can’t access iPhone camera roll in Gallery

Has anyone managed to browse their phone camera roll in the Gallery? It says “Phone Unreachable” when I try, and tells me to unlock my phone and open the app, and my camera roll will appear automatically when my phone and Go are connected to the same...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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How to turn off Auto-Sleep

I would like to find out whether it's possible to turn off the Auto Sleep mode completely on version 3.60 on an Oculus Go? Previously we had version 3.58 which allowed us to set this as 'always on' but now I only have the option for 15 minutes max wh...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Thank Goodness For the Go!

I just sent my AW 17r4 laptop back to Dell for repair, so no more pcvr for a few weeks! Hopefully it will get back soon. In the meantime I am really loving my Oculus Go!!

Cooling problem

Okay my oculus go i love it but it makes me sweat after a certain amount of time and the lenses and everything starts to fog up. Im wondering if there is a cooling addon or mod that might help with that.

Kitwick by Level 2
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Lucky's Tale on Oculus GO

Lucky's Tale enjoys 4.4 star rating on Oculus store... Why not to bring such amazing app on Oculus GO?Will this need petition campaign?

Dilip by Level 8
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Canadian Tv Apps?

so far there is not much in the oculus tv room for canadians. Will there be in the future things like cbs all acces, hulu, sling, pluto or others? For now I don't even bother with the oculus tv.

Doubird by Level 3
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saving progress

Sometimes I exit an app midway through. Each time I come back, I have to start at the beginning agaIn. Is there a fast forward or can I save where I stop so I can continue later without having to watch from the beginning again?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't install apps. Persistent Download Failed Error

I just picked up the Oculus Go and while setup went fine and I was able to link it to my existing Oculus account, I am unable to install any apps. The download initializes, queues and then fails. I then get a pop that says "Download Failed". This has...

Prophett by Level 4
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Error CS1061

Olá. Iniciei meus trabalhos com o Oculucus Go na Unity recentemente e ao realizar a Build para o Oculus Go, a unity me mostra a seguinte mensagem:Assets\Oculus\VR\Scripts\OVRHeadsetEmulator.cs(65,57): error CS1061: 'OVRManager' does not contain a def...


I had to send my Go in (it quit working right (wouldn't finish booting)), got a replacement and paired it but now my oculus app has both Gos listed, how do I remove the old one?

Defective Go Units

I have had to return two Oculus Go headsets due to overheating and other issues. The first return was hassle free with a replacement being sent as soon as I shipped first defective unit back.Upon receiving replacement, it too was defective. It is now...

U-up4it by Level 3
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Only 23Gb useable???

Hi there,I have a brand new 32Gb Oculus go. However, it's only showing 23Gb of useable storage space in windows explorer ??I haven't actually installed anything on it yet either?Just basic setup via oculus phone app.. NO software installed. No media ...

How to watch 3D Bluray movies on Go

Need a simple solution how to watch 3D bluray on Oculus Go. Do I have to get a bluray ripper?- but there are so many out there and the settings are endless and confusing. Just want a simple solution. Tried several VR media players and nothing works p...

oculus go- internet connection dropping

My oculus go keeps dropping internet connection. Games and videos will try to reconnect after 30 sec to 1 min. I just changed my router setting: disable UPnP and turn on traffic meter, don't know if that cause anything. Does anyone have internet conn...

Oculus Platform SDK for Unity

Where is SDK?I downloaded "OVRPlatformSDK_v1.36.0" in Download page.But, doesn't use it C# of Unity.I want to use "using Oculus.Platform;".How to use it?

hyuchun by Level 2
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Resolved! Oculus Go Donation

Is there a department in Oculus that handles device donation for non-profit use? The project is for healing therapy.I have edited my message because I realized that it sounded like I wanted someone from the community to donate a device but I'm actual...

Resolved! Will the performance ever improve for games on Go?

I noticed that out of the 25 to 30 games I own 75% of them are not fully smooth. This was the big reason why I bought Go because I always thought that it was my computers that were causing these problems with performance. Now that we are on an all in...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Remote Control and 360 Video Sync

Hello,I am building a 4-seat virtual reality motion platform amusement machine. I have a host computer that my servo motors are connected to and receive data from through cable. I want to know if I can send signals from that host computer, with a rou...

Hot Oculus Go, Need Help Please.

Hey all, I recently received an Oculus Go as a gift and I've noticed the front is getting very hot to the touch. All I've been doing is watching movies through the VR Desktop app in the cinema space. Sometimes I feel like I can smell burning electron...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Reverts to home screen mid game

Has anyone experienced the quest reverting to the home screen mid game? It has only happened in robo recall during moments when a lot is happening. It reverts back to home screen but the good news is that it doesn’t lose my progress and I can resume....

Dead and Buried username issues

I changed my username today and tried going into multiplayer gunslinger mode in Dead and Buried. However, after about 5 seconds in the lobby, the game would crash. I tried restarting the Go, but now all I can see is the 3 dots showing the home screen...

The best game on Go has just been released!

IMO Real VR Fishing is so far above any other game on Go that it is going to change what we think a Go can do.I was in the Beta's and I would be heading toward 100 hours on it, beside fishing in a lot of diverse realistic areas you get to place a var...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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