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Is the picture bad for all of you like it is for me?

So I recently picked up a GO just to to see how I liked it before I ordered a Quest and I was startled at how poor the picture quality is. I had a Gear VR in the past with my Samsung S8+ and I remember the picture being far better on that device comb...

Switch user accounts without factory reset?!

I want to open my new go set it up and load it with images, then have someone else register it to their account. It looks like the only way to switch the go to their account it’s a set a factory reset which would delete all the images. Does anyone kn...

Greater than 4K video file

Has anyone figured out how to create a video file that is greater than 4K resolution that will play on the Oculus GO? My Go Pro Fusion camera has a resolution of 5.6K and I can watch 360 videos at that resolution on YouTube. But when I edit a video u...

Is Facebook Horizon not going to be available for GO??

This may be an old topic to you guys but I just got the email to sign up for the beta version (I'm sure we all will get that email) and at the bottom it siad it's just for the Quest and Rift. Surly they will be opening it up for GO users right?? The ...

OTG USB Storage

I would like to be able to play 4k videos on the Oculus Go from my USB 3.0 external HDD while travelling.I've read a number of comments about OTG USB Storage for the Oculus Go still being in the pipeline. But what I don't understand is why there is a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Blurry Video Playback

So I've had my Go only a couple days, but I notice that anything at even a fairly short distance is somewhat blurry. The further back in distance the worse it gets.I was using the AmazeVideos app to watch a downloaded animated VR video and they use a...

Anyone have suggestions on getting Go controller to connect

The app says it's connected but when we look into the headset it says it's not connected. I contacted support yesterday but don't know how long it will take for them to get back to me. This was my son's only Christmas gift and so we spent half the da...

Whoops! Error on Beta Release Channel

Hey Guys,We're distributing an app for our client through the release channel which has been working for all participants as of late, however today our latest addition via email is encountering the 'Whoops. It looks like you are lost" page error from...

Why does anti aliasing not work?

Hello everyone, please ask me a question. I use the engine specially compiled for oculus. Why does anti aliasing not work? I use oculus go.This engine is used.

Mirror iPhone screen to Oculus Go

Everyone has been asking about mirroring Oculus Go view to computer/iPad/iPhone but haven't seen anyone ask about mirroring from iPhone/iPad to Oculus Go...and this is what I'm particularly interested in. This would be extremely convenient as it woul...

mike28ml by Level 2
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Every time I use my Go, it has a screen with dots and plus signs, I reboot it and it works, but now I have to reboot it every time I use it.

vanb3 by Level 2
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I must of had tried to get a account before with my kids. Now it won't let me log into Facebook with my same info says account was already logged in. an have no clue how to fix or change.

clover4 by Level 2
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Controlling Oculus Go from smartphone. Idea!

Hello, I've developed an app to trigger (not streaming play) videos from my Android smarthone in my Oculus Go! without Internet connection and without doing anything in the Oculus Go (except running the app). It works with 6 Oculus Go at a time (and ...

Oculus Go loses wifi connection after 10 minutes

Hello all, will try and make this short. Have had my Oculus Go for about a month now when I start using it the wifi connection is fine after 10 minutes it stops working then I have to reconnect the wifi again then it will work for about 10 minutes an...

Payment Method

I am having the same issue as everyone else - I can't add a payment method. I have tried the app and the website. I also can't find how to add a ticket. Can someone help?

Oculus Go is not charging

The USB Cable is plugged in correctly to the Oculus Go and the Adapter but it's not charging. I unplugged it a few times, tried different USB Cables and another Adabter but it wont charge.

poor video quality

I downloaded the youtube VR, and the picture quality seems blurry and jagerd edges.I tried the Henry app and that cartoon video seems really good high quality.so i tried downloading the youtube videos in 4k vr and place it into the internal storage a...

Upload / Download

My easiest solution is to upload my photo or video to google photo, then from the Go navigator, access and download video from the Google photo website

Fandango 3D

I read an article that mentioned you can rent/buy/watch 3D movies through Fandango on Oculus Go. However, when I go into Fandango on my Oculus I can't find anything stating that the movie I'm getting is in 3D. There are no drop down menus or anything...

Resolved! One iphone for two Oculus accounts for two Oculus Go?

i bought two Oculus Go and want to play multi-playing games with my visitors. I have two accounts set up and assigned to each of the Go with my own iphone. However, i realize that if I turn on both the Oculus Go, one of the Go will shown a message th...

SCSVR01 by Level 2
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Resolved! Movie environment

Hi all. I'm new to the Oculus Go, so I hope you don't mind what is probably a newbie question. I've heard that can watch movies in different environments on Oculus Go. Like in a theater, on the moon, a drive in..... and so on. Is this an app that nee...

Why they don't add front camera for the Go.

I'm not VR veteran. I don't have Rift or Vive. But I'm interested in this technology for years. I saw some VR setup has additional front camera. I just wonder why Oculus not add one or two cameras to Oculus Go at least we can have PIP to see the outs...