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Issues while developing for Oculus Go

Hi All!I'm working on a mac, trying to build a game for oculus go using Unity. My phone runs Android.I've gone through the tutorial provded (https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-tutorial/).I'm able to run the game on my mac using th...

Setting the system time

Hi,I’m sure there’s an obvious answer to this question, but I can’t find it. How do you reset the system time on the Oculus Go? Set it up in the US but now want to change it to UK time.I appreciate any advice!

PSE1 by Level 3
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Oculus go plastic head strap connector.

Hey, my dog recently chewed up my oculus go head strap and the plastic connectors that connect the head strap to the headset. The connectors pop off and on almost as if they were meant to be able to be replaced, but I can find replacements for them a...

Orange Light blinking Oculus Go

Hello,I wanted to switch users on my oculus Go because I didn't have acces to the main account. I did a factory reset in the with the power and volume - button. But now the screen is black and while charging the orange light blinks. I dont know what ...


Device saying it is linked to another account…

Removing a headset from my iOS Oculus App

I had initially purchased a 64gb Oculus go and found that it was too much space for me, after I used it for a day, or so. I did a factory reset and took the headset back to Best Buy and the next day picked up a 32gb model which I am happy with. I can...

PC connectivity stopped working

I used to be able to connect my Oculus Go to my computer, and it would appear on the Windows desktop as a storage device, and I could transfer files to and from it like a flash drive. Then one day it suddenly stopped letting me do that. Now, the head...

Resolved! WiFi is connected but doesn’t work.

So I am connected to my WiFi network but I cannot get any information from the internet. My profile doesn’t come up. I cannot connect to the store. I can’t update any games. I have tried another network and have the same problem.

Oculus go controller

Hello! My Oculus Go controller stopped working and I’ve done everything in the book to get it to work. What is the solution to continue using my headset? Is there another oculus controller that is compatible with the Oculus Go? If not, what is the ph...

new to quest

i try to use my googles but i fi8nd i need some other cables like zoolo cable but dont know where to get the cabels for mu goggle

Oculus go controller no longer works at all

I reached out to support after already replacing the battery for it and still nothing. I’ve looked on eBay which is being sold too expensive and cannot seem to find another controller anywhere. I asked the oculus support site to notify me for updates...

Controller not working

Guys my controller suddenly stopped working, am I missing anything here or is the device faulty, anyone else faced similar scenario?

Resolved! Oculus Go not pairing with phone anymore

I bought my Oculus Go back in 2018 and been using it for sometime now. Suddenly today when I turned it on, it was stuck with showing the 3 dots. I did a factory reset on the headset. Uninstalled and reinstalled the oculus app on my phone, I restarted...

Oculus Go - High Data Usage

Hi All, For my business I try to set up a local session with multiple Oculus Go's (between 5-15), for multiple sessions a day. During such a session, the Go's are required to have an internet connection which is done with a Mobile WiFi router (using ...

Oculus go controller

Hi I was just wondering when the controllers to the go would be back in stock they’ve been out of stock for months!


I have a problem with my VR system I was fixing the VR to tighten it on my head and it’s neck?

Nuttiest idea for Oculus Go?

I no longer have a use for it. What's the craziest thing I could do with it to be entertained with or experiment with?.

aguy10 by Level 7
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I need a refund for the game that i was purchased last April 21, 2021. Is it possible to get that refund?


It's already 8 days today but there is no refund state on my financial statement. Please help me to get my money back. Thank you!