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Using virtual tours with Oculus Go - question

Hello. I have received Oculus Go for work purposes, and I need to somehow use this device to view 3D virtual tours of several estates.I create virtual tours based on 360 photos using 3D Vista or Pano2Vr, but I have no idea how to upload/open them usi...

MBVA by Level 2
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Not working

Turn on my oculus I get three flashing white dots what is going on please find a solution

cb7217 by Level 2
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No puedo comprar nada de la store de oculus

No puedo comprar ni con mi tarjeta visa ni con mi cuenta paypal ya eh comprado antes con mis tarjetas en otras store como steam sin ningún problema solo tengo problemas con la de oculus solo me deja descargar los juego free alguien sabe como resolver...

DANUKEM by Level 2
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HTML file

Hello everyone, i would like to ask about hTML file, i have my virtual tour that using html file, can i opened in GO?and i download the "firefox reality" to view my virtual tour, but before that i transfer the file into the oculus and then when i see...

Oculus go Controller (lost)

I lost my oculus go controller, and I found out only recently that the oculus go vr headset is disconnected.I tried buying other controllers (Xbox and others) but they don’t work. Buying another Go headset seem the only solution but very expensive.an...

Why Ocean Rift not available anymore for Go?

Is Ocean Rift no longer supported for the Oculus Go? I remember that I put it on my wishlist end of 2021 or so. Now I wanted to purchase it but now it states for "supported input" Oculus Touch. No Oculus Go controller is supported anymore and a warni...

Oculus Go Not Working

So I’ve read around the block on my issue. Basically my Oculus Go doesn’t initiate anything unless I put it on a charger. Once on a charger or even in-line with my PC I can press and hold the power button where the oculus logo shows up for a few seco...

V0hn by Level 2
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Hi I have Oculus go and quest 2. My go hasn't been used for a long while. Thought I would give it a charge and use it again. I miss some games/apps that aren't on quest . No lights when plugged in, tried several chargers but nothing. Does this mean ...

Oculus Go boot up problem

My oculus Go just constantly loads, all I see are the 3 dots and black screen. It doesn’t connect to my phone neither. Can any one help?

Google Blocking Oculus App

Hello, I am trying to connect Google Photos in the Oculus Gallery app to my Google account. I follow the instructions in the Oculus app to link Google but Google keeps blocking. My Google account has no security alerts or notifications. Any suggestio...

Oculus app.jpg Error.jpg
jgkurz by Level 2
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Five minute timeout when watching movie

It would appear the Go goes to sleep if it doesn't detect any movement for five minutes while watching a movie. This is annoying. Also, how big a problem is screen burn since the movie only occupies a small portion of the screen and the theater graph...

Can a remote be used instead of head movement?

hi everyone, first of all i apologize for my bad englishI own an oculus go vr. We will use this VR in a museum. Incoming visitors will not wear their glasses on their head, glasses will stay fixed on the platform. How can the visitor looking at the g...

TB5BYO by Level 2
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Since last update Oculus Browser isnt working

Good Day EveryoneI havent seen a new post here about this topic but ive seen the terrible reviews about the oculus browser in the app store with the same problem.My problem is following.Sine the last update its no longer possible to watch any VR cont...

Resolved! Controller

Can you setup Oculus go without having original controller I'm using Xbox one s and it's connected but it won't let me go past the controller setup on the headset keeps saying oops wrong button please help

Octulus Go Remote

Really have not used our Go much now the remote won't link with headset. Changed battery and watched you tube on how to reset but still won't link. Any ideas? it might have 15 hours on it total.

Oculus Go unable to stream vr. Date: 1/21/22

My Oculus Go is not working. Unable to stream VR. Many complaints in app store as well as a few here. Many more in other forums. Oculus seems to be actively ignoring the problem.

Polyp by Level 2
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Controller help

My controller won't connect and they say a light will show on the controller I don't see that either I even changed the battery don't know what to do next please help

HELP Noob here with pairing nonOclus remote controller

Hi, I got an Oculus Go used at a thrift store and I know nothing about these VR headsets. It didn't come with a remote and I couldn't find a new or used remote anywhere. Is this a thing or something? So I bought a Bluetooth Fortune Tech controller an...