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Compre estos lentes en diciembre del 2018..llegó con el controlador roto y Amazon me lo cambio por uno nuevo...ahora se rompió la parte de los auriculares..me contacte con el soporte técnico...después de pedirme un montón de cosas y fotos.(de la caja...


Are there any good apps out there that offer immersive exploration of castles, manor houses, mansions... that sort of thing? I kinda wanna just hang out in the library at Windsor Palace tonight. Lol

Used Oculus GO apps

If I sell my Oculus GO, (upgrading to Quest) is there a way to transfer ownership of the Apps paid for and installedon the GO to the new owner?

bkoldys by Level 2
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App Menu Issues

I just got three Gos. Two of them are working perfectly. The third has a completely different app menu. The menu is larger and doesn’t look the same or have the same options. The environment doesn’t work for this device either. It simply goes black a...

Help with external hard drive

I've been using a seagate 1 tb hard drive for my media streaming over DLNA with no problems. I recently got a WD elements 2 tb drive and my oculus won't find it in the folders area in skybox or pigasus. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Environments won’t load

i choose environments on the Oculus Go and all that displays is a gray or black background. It is a new unit. I have gone through the whole set up and even download several apps. The headset is very slow. I have managed to play and use the apps that ...

Terrible customer service for the oculus Go Controller

Contacted oculus.... Go controller not working....What is the serial number....provided ...controller serial number provided.Purchase receipt...no got it was a gift......Response we cannot help you.....Where is the F**king support there thenNoting th...

Kalgore by Level 3
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Oculus go app refuses to connect to WiFI.

Ive been for the past 2 hours trying to get my Go setup, but no matter what whenever I try to connect it to WiFi IT FAILS EVERY TIME. I’m getting ticked off at this point that my $200 device won’t function properly on the first or second try.

Stereoscopic (side by side - SBS) Image Viewer?

Hello,I'm looking for a stereoscopic, or side-by-side, or SBS, 360 Image viewer for my new Oculus Go.The Oculus image viewer doesn't display them correctly unfortunately. At least not side-by-side images, which creates the 3D sense of depth.Can you p...

tsomek by Level 2
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TS support in DLNA video players

Cmoar VR Cinema (https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1974600782603420/, 6,99 USD) claims "All Media Formats support". Does anybody know whether it support also TS? I send the question to its author(s), but got no answer (yet?).

jsbien by Level 3
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Five minute timeout when watching movie

It would appear the Go goes to sleep if it doesn't detect any movement for five minutes while watching a movie. This is annoying. Also, how big a problem is screen burn since the movie only occupies a small portion of the screen and the theater graph...

Cannot unlink Go from my account

I have installed the app on another mobile phone. I have logged in successfully. There is a wizzard. I start the Go where I performed the hard reset recently (volume down + power). The app detects the headset and S/N shown is the same as in my oculus...

Account games transfer

so I am thinking of selling my oculus go to get a quest but I have keep talking and nobody explodes.If I have a different headset will I have the game for the set if it supports the game or will I lose the ability to play the game and will not get a ...

Oculus Go - internal battery connector type ?

Hi everyone,My Oculus Go battery heats up while I use and charge at the same time . So I wanted to remove internal battery and connect a bigger battery to same connector which internal battery is connected.I removed the internal battery of Oculus Go ...

Oculus browser has stopped

I have a problem with Oculus Go the last seven days. Suddenly Oculus keeps displaying error dialogs that Oculus browser has stopped or keeps stopping. The firmware is 3.60.36146022136. This is very annoying. I tried to reboot the headset but it did n...

All of a sudden MIC not working

Yesterday MIC was working in Poker VR. Today can't get it to work. Did a reboot and full power down and still nothing.First, is there a simple way to test if the MIC is working without going into an APP and asking if they hear me?Second, how can I fi...

Possible for Twitch chat overlay?

Is there a way to add a Twitch overlay to the Go? I have a Twitch account and am able to stream from the headset (through Vysor) and works well but I can not see what my stats (viewer count for example) or the chat room inside the actual headset and ...

Lenses for Oculus Go: WidmoVR or VR Optician?

The offical provider FramesDirect charges too much for shippingto my country, so the choice boils down tohttps://widmovr.com/product/oculus-go-prescription-lens-adapters/orhttps://vroptician.com/prescription-lens-inserts/oculus-go/. VROptician is mor...

jsbien by Level 3
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Best DLNA player for Oculus Go?

I've purchased Oculus Go yesterday and I'm slightly disappointed as I expect to to use for DVB-T broadcasts and recordings which are provided by the DLNA servers of the HDHomerun network tuner and MythTV software (on Linux). To make a long story shor...

jsbien by Level 3
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Oculus Go Some Meaningful Must haves

After ownership of Oculus Go for almost 15 Days following features i think are Must have and i want them on priority as customer. 1) Power Off Software Switch/Icon on Tool-bar Reason: it breaks immersion for need to fumble on top of unit then press s...

Dilip by Level 7
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