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Just received my Go.

I just received my Go. I am amazed so far. The only thing I have problems with is I wear glasses and sometime when I exhale through my nose it seem to go back into the headset fogging my glasses. I have installed the extension piece they give you for...

cannot install specific games...

Hi, I have a werid issue that same games cannot be installed in mz oculus go. I have tried to restart the device, log out of the account, restart the phone , tried to install from both of the phone and headset and nothing works. examples of the apps ...

savvito by Level 4
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Cast Probleme

Hallo an alle Ich bekomme keine Verbindung mit Cast hin von 50 versuchen hat es einmal geklappt 

NMopp by Level 2
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option to view 3d photo on oculus

Is there any option to view 360 degrees stereo photo's on the Oculus Go,without being forced to also see users fotos ?Right now, I am using 360 photos, which is great, But if I am using it to show pano's for real estate, I dont want clients to see wh...

Oculus Room and other countries

My folks live in Spain and were asking me if, were they to get their own Oculus Go, we can share time in Oculus Rooms. I wanted to see if devices in different countries would pose an issue to using the Oculus Rooms app together.Thanks in advance.

External USB Storage

I have a FAT32 USB drive, with some content on that I usually sideload to my Oculus Go.When attaching it to my Oculus Go, there's a sound which audible let's me know that the USB is connected. You can hear a different sound when you detach the USB dr...

Oculus Go too front-heavy

Oculus go is too front-heavy to wear comfortably for a long period of time. I would like to see the next version offload the CPU, battery, and cooling system onto a separate Lightpack-like device (like the Magic Leap).

Papias by Level 2
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adding friends

is it possible to add friends on the oculus go without needing a facebook account?

Load New Video without activating the Oculus Go

I'm sending 30 Oculus Go headsets to members of the press with our new camera, but I need to load sample videos onto the headsets before I send them.How can I access the movies folder without activating the headset? I want to send the headsets as new...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Video from USB or copy to Oculus

Hello together, since 1 day I have a Oculus Go. In one week I go for a cruise and I would like to take my Oculus with me. I want to see movies offline, because on the ships it is very expansive to go online. I heared it is not so easy to connect an U...

Erhardm by Level 2
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Where's my library? Help!

Just set up my Oculus Go and controller. According to my app, I have apps installed, but on the headset, when I select the library, I get a little bar with 3 dots and then it disappears. Nothing else. No library. When I select Home, same thing happen...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Movie Request to Oculus

Just saw SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE and i got strong vibe this movie need to be remade for VR HMDshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg52up16eq0Dear Oculus Team, please bring this movie iN VR on Oculus Go and Oculus Quest .. As all 3D assets migh...

Dilip by Level 8
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Video tutorial series

Hey all!!! I've put together a small series of how-to videos to get the most out of your GO! Some good tips in it, should help new and seasoned users alike. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt5tbz7PdomD-SJVADgiU5EJ2iO4xhQ1T ;...

How to become deal of the day?

Hey,I wanted to know how to make your game illegible to become the deal of the day?I haven't released a game yet but know many devs who did and would like to know. There's no clear explanation to be found.Thanks.

Adb issue

HelloI am trying to connect oculus go to windows pc I am using 2.0 adb everything get installed when I run through cmd it shows list of devices attached not showinghow to fixThanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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CSGO like VRFPS (FIREZONE) soon to be released!

Hey guys! and Gals! I am a new youtube content creator! trying to get feedback and what-not about my current review of Firezone! Firezone is still in beta and is set for release in mid January! Check it out and lmk what you think of the video! It is ...

Oculus Go and steam

Can someone please develop a good working program so that the Go (and quest) can be used with steam. Bigscreen looks prommising but Riftcat and ALVR are a bit too buggy. I already have the GO but would also buy a Quest if the connection between steam...

Do you think I will get my Oculus Go before the weekend?

Hey everyone, I know this time of the year is very busy but I have always lurked around Oculus for about a couple years and finally took the dive with an Oculus Go. I ordered it Friday night from the Oculus site and yesterday got a confirmation for i...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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