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Stream from Macbookpro screen to oculus go

Hi everybody, I just bought my Oculus Go yesterday, and I want to know how to mirroring my macbookpro's screen to my oculus go. I already tried skybox, but unfortunately skybox cannot worked properly in my mac.thank you for your help

unity release mode?

hi, when I upload my apk file to oculus go store, I get the error in the photo, how do I fix this please? thanks, andy

Media side-load?

I just setup my Go, and I can't find directions on how to side-load 3d movies/pictures.Please help! Directions would be greatly appreciated.

Why do images continue to freeze during display on O-Go64k?

I am having trouble viewing because of constant stop and go viewing (characters freezing up). My Wi-Fi speed tested out 70 Mbps (connected direct laptop to router) I installed a new router and moved it to be free of all obstructions. Any suggestions ...

A decent first person shooter is missing

I mean a modern war first person shooter as call of duty where you can move around and turn 360 without necesseraly turn yourself.Tired to kill zombies hope some one is working without free movement.Hope someone is working on decent war FPS on Oculus...

Oculus video vs Oculus Gallery

Before I could watch internal stored 360 3d video directly from Oculus Video pink app, it worked.Now asks me to use Oculus Gallery, first I have to choose internal storage and wait for several minutes to see whats in there, making any demonstration a...

wi fi

Need help people. Cannot get my Oculus Go headset to connect to my wi fi. On my Samsung smart phone my headset can be found and my wi fi connected but getting this message in red print."failed to connect to Oculus servers" Is this a problem on my end...

When starting a black screen

1. turn on the Oculus Go2. download starts with the logo3. then everything stops and the screen remains black4. then nothing happens and the helmet does not respond.I tried to reinstall 2 times to the factory settings - nothing helped.When installing...

terikom by Level 2
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After side app success installation i can't see it ?

Hello All i am new to Oculus GO i started to run sideapp apk i did all steps and finally i got SUCCESS installing the apk in the Oculus GO using command prompt but after all i did , I can't find the app i just installed in unknown list, it is still e...

Casting Go to Android Tablet or iPad

I'm designing a classroom using 16 Go sets for students to use, creating a "virtual field trip lab". I need to view what each student is seeing to help them but casting to expensive cell phones is not my first choice. The best solution I've thought o...

Go & controller freezing up

Was there a recent update? My go has been working with no issues since I bought this 3 months ago. I have not used it in about a week (been plugged in though) and when I used it twice today, both times the controller disengaged (full battery) and the...

OculusGo I can not upload OBB files

I'd like to upload OBB files to OculusGo, but I can not do it.I'm trying to put ovr-platform-util.exe and execute the following on the command line.ovr-platform-util upload-mobile-build --app_id 1857987994318404 --app_secret OCAf5czZBaVXyBIDXvNmZAlIZ...

Vudu & Amazon & Fandango on Ouculus Go?

I'm enjoying my Oculus Go. However, it is extremely disappointing that I can't watch my Vudu and Amazon content on the device. Is there some way to do this that I haven't yet figured out?If Oculus doesn't add the ability to watch the purchases and st...

ShowtimeAnytime Success on Oculus Go

ShowtimeAnytime can be accessed via Firefox reality app from the Oculus Store. After downloading the Firefox reality app, open it up and click on settings. Set the browser to DESKTOP MODE and close settings. Now enter the complete web address www.sho...

View keeps rotating quite badly and quite fast

I had the Oculus Go for 3 days now. The first day I used it for a couple of hours without problems, then I installed more apps and started using it more often. Now in pretty much every app, the view is constantly rotating towards the right. Even in a...

Setup with no phone

Thinking of buying a Go, but I don't have, and do not intend to get a smartphone or a Google play account. So how else can you get it to work?

NMNeil by Level 2
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Puntini verdi schermo

All'improvviso sono apparsi dei puntini verdi nel mio Oculus Go. Ho provato a fare reset di fabbrica ma nulla,i puntini verdi rimangono. Cosa posso fare?Ho. Provato a fare una foto i puntini sono quelli a sinistra del controller.

Oculus Go: How do I put my own VR 360 images on headset?

I've made a VR image in Blender3D and tried to view it in Oculus but somehow I've messed something up. Tried both "Movies" and "Pictures" folders ...I cannot load it in the viewer (choosing "Gallery > Internal Starage" appears unsuccesfull ) i yet re...

Oculus Go exhibit deployment - hardware security

I need to setup multiple Oculus Go devices in a permanent museum exhibit, which will showcase our VR180 video. The software part has been figured out already so the headset can be used unattended without a remote (the video restarts automatically whe...

Strangest issue ever?

Okay, this is an odd one. The other day I was playing Poker VR when I noticed something very strange. I was staring at one part and noticed a strange pattern. It was not the screen door effect. I asked a few other players if they saw what I saw and n...

360 video

Hi Forum!I have played with Oculus Go now for awhile and I wonder why these 360 video are always laggy? Is it because the internet speed or hardware or both? If I create some 360 video content, what quality 360 video I should produce that videos woul...

3d model of the Oculus GO

Good afternoon,Can i download a model of the Oculus Go somewhere? Or a template that i can use to create stickers?Would be great.Greet, Anne